Rafael Ziegler


Greifswald, D


Social innovation and ecology


Theory building, the big jump challenge, WP8,

Rafael Ziegler’s work is inspired by social innovations not only as a source of empirical materials but also as a spring of new ideas and concepts. His focus is on social innovation in relation to water, justice and sustainability. After studies in philosophy and economics at the London School of Economics and at McGill University, Ziegler co-founded in 2009 the social-ecological research group GETIDOS ( based in Greifswald and Berlin.

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Posted by: on December 5, 2017

Europe and social innovation – travel notes from an Odyssey

The European Union!? Don’t even mention it! Or so I remember one of my first impressions when conducting field work in rural Southern Germany. Introducing myself as part of an EU-funded research project provoked responses such as “The EU? These are the people who ban open air barbecues during villages festivals as long as there […]

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