Lara Maestripieri


Barcelona, ES


Methodology of social research


Marginalised groups in labour markets

Lara Maestripieri holds a PhD in Sociology and Social Research. She is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow at the Institute of Government and Public Policies (IGOP) at the Universitat Autònoma Barcelona, studying gender and social vulnerability from an intersectional perspective. She has previously worked on the EU-funded projects FLOWS (2011-2014), WILCO (2011-2014) and CrESSI (2015-2016). In 2015, she was a fellow at the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation.

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Posted by: on January 15, 2018

Social innovation protects households, but does not necessarily empower women

Can social innovation challenge gender inequalities? In an article published for the Journal of Social Entrepreneurship – ‘Does social innovation reduce the economic marginalization of women? Insights from the case of Italian Solidarity Purchasing Groups’  – I tried to give a preliminary answer to the question. The case of Solidarity Purchasing Groups is a well-known […]

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